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You Hear Good Things is a podcast network dedicated to providing honest conversations, in-depth interviews, and great debate for its listeners. We produce weekly podcasts that are easy to listen to and engaging. Our goal is to provide listeners with an ever-changing variety of topics that will spark great debate and discussion. Tune in every week to hear the latest podcast and join the conversation.

Comedian Sidney Smith starts a new podcast with his dog and flower loving wife, Tamra. Like many of you, they are grinders and are constantly working to reach goals. Tamra always like to say they are "running in slow motion". And while they are married, this isn't a marriage podcast. Though they are experts. Because their marriage is a "solid 5" on a scale of 0 to 10. 

It's stories, interviews, pop culture and more.

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Here comes a little something that we all need. HONEST CONVERSATIONS. Get it with the "Now That's Debatable" podcast.You never discuss religion and politics, is a saying for people who don't want push back. Between this Conservative and Socialist, nothing is off limits. 

Throw in our listeners and their real time comments and you get one great listen. With these two educated, touring stand-up comedians, nothing is off limits. Sometimes they agree, but more often they don't. And guess what? Nobody gets canceled.

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Sidney Smith brings his love of true-crime to you. Every week, talks about a different intricate and gruesome display criminality to his listeners. These are some of the most unbelievable murders committed by notorious, as well as, unknown murderesses.

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